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Local businesses are the backbone of our communities. When they're strong, we're all stronger.

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Between obstacle and opportunity there's a bridge.

Your local business can go online easily through our bridge.

Easy to use

We provide an easy-to-use e-commerce website that can be handled comfortably using your mobile.


The user-friendly dash board allows you to track your orders, supply status, payment status and much more.

Helps you fight Competition

Your business, your customers, your website don't loose your customers to bigger online portals. Don't give your customer details to food delivery apps. Be smart and go online!

Who Can Sell?

Any local business can sell their products online and grow the business.

Can I sell fish online?

Sure, you can. Nowadays Fish stalls and mutton stalls are blamed for spread of COVID-19. So, more than any business, you should sell your products online and deliver them to your customers in your area.

Your customers can place orders and pay online from the comfort of their homes. You make deliveries as per their requirements. Your business can grow as more people will buy fish from their home comfortably.

I have small restaurant

I have small restaurant and we are famous for our tasty dishes in the neighbourhood. We have around 500- 600 regular customers. We have payment and other issues with existing bigger food delivery apps. We want to have a website on our own. Can you provide?

You are famous for your tasty dishes. You have 500-600 loyal customers. Why do you allow bigger food delivery apps to know your customer information and use it for their gains.



  • Easy to install and operate using your mobile
  • User-friendly interface which makes ordering easy for your customers
  • Complete website set up provided including payment options
  • Option to change product availability, prices, add new product etc.,
  • Collect payment online from your customers
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